The Eternal Dragon – Light Artefacts on Gold and Silver

Looking at the elements of the universe, long it was believed that Gold was the purest and most valuable of what this universe has in store for us. Like an eternal dragon the energy of this elements weave through time only to be lost forever.

From Cosmology we learn that it is formed only in supernovae and collisions of neutron stars. It is then part of new planets and at the end of it’s stars life it is again burned to dust and either lost forever in a lonely neutron star or explodes again to produce even more and form a new solar system.

Here I captured reflections and light artefacts shining of a gold coated necklace, a silver ring and a silver woven Sari.

On the sharp edges the light breaks in chaotic manner. The light rays produced by a strong LED fan out and form something that looks like images that we know from science fiction in movies and images.

It is an image of creation and of death.
It is the unification of the huge and the small.

The Eternal Drageon – Fotoreihe

Print auf Fotopapier (glänzend) 40x60cm, gerahmt in schwarzem Passepartout [Print ohne Wasserzeichen]