Ghosts of a school – A short film about the apocalypse

How many ghosts are haunting us? How many species did homo sapiens push into extinction? How many are near-extinct? How many are living in artificial, quarantined habitats so that we don’t kill of the last ones of them?

Are we doing that because we are so morbid in our minds? Are we doing it because we are sadistic? I guess not. But we are greedy. We as in our culture. We as in our society. Not we as in Homo sapiens.

I encounter quite a number of people that are afraid of their dear ones dying due to the revent covid19 outbreak. I understand their fear and their sorrow. I understand their morning and sadness in case they are confronted with the reality of life. Death.

I see in my inner eye the skining of alive furry animals. I see the deformed and unspeakable pain experiencing sow in the factory of our human civilisation. I see the fish rotting alive in poisened water, I see plants crumbling to death under our machinery and I have moments where I can’t manage the upkeep of the emotional wall against it, screams of all these pitiful critters and bioforms echoing through my head, myself unable to drown them with neither drugs, loud music, meditation or overwhelming consumption.


Please stop.

Please stop telling me that I am morally false with not giving a smallest fuck about our society. Please stop trying to save our society whilst actively destroying its base. Please do not scream at me your anguish about humans suffering while actively forwarding an unspeakable amount of suffering everywhere else.

Please stop this humanist empathy mass phenomenon.

No future!