Artefacts – of light reflecting on platic wrapping

The artefacts are produced by taking extreme closeups of reflection of light on a plastic sheet that was the wrapping of carrots bought in a local supermarket.

I used a DSLR with a 300mm lense with an amateur macro lense clipped ontop. The fotos were taken with bright light, shutter speed of about 1/2000 – 1/4000, ISO between 6400 and 12800, apperature set to 22.

The color temperature is an artefact of the camera/sensor where the longer I press to check for focus, the more yellow/red the picture gets.

The structures captured are mostly unfocussed light beams that reflect from the plastic. Depending on every slightest move, the focus and angle they change radically. The live sensor of the camera shows something completly different then the actual picture, thus I took a series of 600 pictures in different positions, different angles, different focus and different camera settings.

Once I got the live feedback from the picture through the LCD that I am seeing in my camera I could either hold the position and take a few more shots or breath, which usually resulted in loosing the exact settings and made the picture vanish forever.

Thus, these are captured moments of light that travels through space and time, artefacts of posibility that can either be looked at and seen or be gone forever.

Artefacts 1 – Fotoreihe

Print auf Fotopapier (glänzend) 40x60cm, gerahmt in weißem Passepartout [Print ohne Wasserzeichen]